1. What is “MYVIDYA” ?

    Ans : MYVIDYA is termed by C K Mishra for his Shiksha Workshop’s Series. He is conducting these workshops since 2009 and trained more than 30000 students through his workshops.

  2. Who conducts these training workshops ?

    Ans : C K Mishra himself conducts these workshops in association with educational institutions and corporate houses. However, in near future he will develop a team of trained experts to conduct these workshops for different level.

  3. What are the minimum fees of these workshops ?

    Ans : He hadn’t yet fixed any minimum fee structure for his workshops. Based upon the economical status of the students; they can access these courses on fees they could afford without putting extra financial burden on their head or their family. Capable students or other participants could donate or sponsor other students to join these workshops.

  4. Do you consider only meritorious students for your workshops ?

    Ans : He considers all students equally irrespective of their talent as target participants of his workshops. However, he especially encourages poor and week students to participate in his workshops. You can recommend poor and week students to get his assistance to improve their performance.